Welcome to the 7 Rainbow Diaries from Heaven

Welcome to Discovery 4 Recovery, where we empower you to stand tall and reclaim your strength after loss. Imagine a place of love nestled on the edge of the Cotswolds, where every loss feels like heaven is missing an angel. Here’s a step-by-step guide to navigate through the 7 stages of grief, accompanied by the healing power of the 7 rainbow diaries from heaven:

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Shock (Red Diary):

Embrace the initial wave of emotions as you confront the reality of loss, guided by the intense red diary.


Denial (Orange Diary):

Acknowledge and gently work through feelings of disbelief and denial with the soothing orange diary.


Anger (Yellow Diary):

Allow yourself to express and process feelings of frustration and anger, supported by the vibrant yellow diary.


Bargaining (Green Diary):

Reflect on moments of bargaining and unanswered questions, finding solace in the calming green diary.


Depression (Blue Diary):

Find comfort in embracing moments of sadness and longing, guided by the serene blue diary.


Testing (Indigo Diary):

Explore coping strategies and new perspectives on healing with the introspective indigo diary.


Acceptance (Purple Diary):

Finally, find peace and acceptance, knowing that love endures within you, supported by the healing purple diary.





Holistic Approach

Combine conventional medicine with alternative therapies such as botanical remedies, mindfulness, and nutrition.
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As you embark on this journey

with Discovery 4 Recovery and the 7 rainbow diaries from heaven, remember that healing takes time. By honoring your emotions and memories, you empower yourself to stand on your own two feet, knowing that love transcends physical presence and continues to guide you forward.